In a world of revolutionary change, the web now has a portal for the world’s intellectual revolutionaries whose existence and operations transcend the nation-state. These institutes, societies, and sites are united by a common inspiration, the anti-statist outlook of Ludwig von Mises, the visionary of the 20th century who kept the flame of freedom burning so that it could be passed to the current and next generation. This flame of inspiration has created a geographically noncontiguous global network of scholars, journalists, and public intellectuals who are united in the love of liberty, private property, science, and socio-economic progress. We are the digital society called Mises Global, and we are the future. (Visit our Facebook page)


Ludwig von Mises stofnunin á Íslandi

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Institut Coppet

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The Property and Freedom Society

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Laissez Faire Books

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Instituto Ludwig von Mises Brasil

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Mises Hispano

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Ludwig von Mises Institut Deutschland

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    • Mises Institute South Africa


    • ミーゼス研究所 日本 / Ludwig von Mises Japan

    • 米塞斯日报

    Eastern Europe

    • Institutul Ludwig von Mises România

    • Австрійська економічна школа українською

    • Instytut Misesa

    • Ludwig von Mises Institut Česko & Slovensko

    Middle East

    • Ludwig von Mises Enstitüsü Türkiye

    • The Property and Freedom Society

    • מיזס ישראל

    North America

    • Libertarian Standard, The

    • Mises Circle, The (UT Austin)

    • Laissez Faire Books

    • Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada

    • Ludwig von Mises Institute, U.S.

    Northern Europe

    • Ludwig von Mises stofnunin á Íslandi

    • Ludvig von Mises-instituttet i Norge

    • Ludwig von Mises Instituutti

    • Misese Instituut

    • The Cobden Centre

    • Ludwig von Mises Institutet i Sverige

    South America

    • Instituto Ludwig von Mises Ecuador

    • Instituto Ludwig von Mises Brasil

    • Instituto Mises de Colombia

    South Asia

    • Liberty Australia Institute

    • Economics.org.au

    Southern Europe

    • Mises Hispano

    • Ludwig von Mises Italia

    • Instituto von Mises de Barcelona

    • Instituto Ludwig von Mises Portugal

    • El Instituto Juan de Mariana

    • Unión Editorial

    Western Europe

    • Institut Coppet

    • Ludwig von Mises Institut Deutschland

    • Swiss Mises Institute

    • Rothbard Instituut